Friday, April 30, 2010

My Favorite Quotes

Here are some great quotes from some of my favorite books to get you through the weekend. Enjoy.

"We cannot inherit Christianity,. We might have had a Christian father and mother, but that does not necessarily produce a Christian child. I could be born in a garage, but that doesn't make me an automobile! God has no grandchildren."  from Peace With God by Billy Graham

"Initially, we might wonder why Christ wouldn't give us a cake-walk kind of Christian experience if He really loved and cared for us. But we have to realize that the inevitability of crosses in our lives is not the result of a careless Leader who wants to make life tough. Crosses are hewn from the reality that the cause of Christ is being carried out through my life in an imperfect world that is hostile to the One I follow." from Following Christ by Joseph M. Stowell (love, love this book)

"Yes, the Father has a plan and He has ordained that every blood-washed believer in Christ be a part of His magnificent purpose. It is important to understand the Father's position and purpose in our lives, or we will be distorted in our view of who He is and what motivates His heart. When we see the Father more clearly, our disappointments and problems become steps on the path toward a closer relationship with Him." from The Father Revealed by G. Craig Lauterbach

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