Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Trust in His Purpose

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways says the Lord.”
Isaiah 55:8

Craig Lauterbach in his book The Father Revealed, says this:

“Yes, the Father has a plan and He has ordained that every blood-washed believer in Christ be a part of His magnificent purpose. It is important to understand the Father’s position and purpose in our lives, or we will be distorted in our view of who He is and what motivates His heart. When we see the Father more clearly, our disappointments and problems become steps on the path toward a closer relationship with Him.”

I have to ask myself if I really trust the plan of the Father even when I don’t understand it. Do I fully embrace the light of his plan, or do I prefer to sit in the darkness—afraid of the unknown?  I know in my heart that whatever He has in mind for me is for my good, but trusting Him to guide me out of my comfort zone is a true test of my faith.

He may require us to walk through difficult times and unpleasant circumstances. He may ask us to go in a direction that is foreign to us. He might stretch us beyond what we thought we could bare to be stretched. So we seek his wisdom, rest in his comfort, release to Him our will, and keep pressing forward to the end of the race.

We must learn not to interrupt God’s plan for us with doubts, fears or self-serving agendas. The road is long and hard enough without getting ourselves off track with foolish distractions. Thank God, He is faithful to wave us back on the right road!

Dear Lord, help me to keep my focus on your plan for me. Give me light to dispel the darkness of uncertainty.

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