Friday, February 19, 2010

There but by the grace of God......

I am reminded today of the great mercy of God. I am thankful that he shows undeserved mercy to me when I stumble. Most of us don't have to air our sins in front of the cameras for everyone who has a TV to see. You may not be a golf fan, but celebrities have the disadvantage of living in a fish bow. We at least can hide behind closed doors.

I don't know if Tiger Woods is a believer - it's not for me to judge. But I know that he at least might be considering his spiritual life in these dark days. It could be that someone will enter his life at this time and offer him the answers to his questions. I would want that for any sinner - even me.

I do know that the compassion Jesus feels over the pain of those of us who stumble, is a miraculous thing. He cares for all of his children the same and gave his life for all the Tiger Woods in the world. It's a humbling thought to consider. Sin is sin, pain is pain, and God is the judge and healer.

I hope we will pray for Tiger today. It may sound silly, but it would be like praying for all of us who fall and rise again to face another day.

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  1. You're right, we should pray for others, including Tiger. It's too easy to become entangled and busy with our own lives. Thanks for the reminder.