Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Used to Draw

I used to draw. 

Found an old envelope full of pictures I drew back in junior high. I used to sit for hours in my room drawing everything I could see. If I liked a picture in a book, I would sit down and draw it freehand. Then I would sit down and write a story.

It was my world for many years until I found another outlet - singing. So the music began and the drawing and story telling was set aside. Now the story telling is back after all these years, but what happened to the artist in me? Is it still in there somewhere?

It's like that with the things we see and hear throughout our lives. The images and sounds and noises are still in there somewhere waiting to be extracted. When we reach in and pull them out, they can come alive again in our writing. How much more wonderful would our stories be if we could duplicate the emotion of our own life story on paper.

What have you tucked away that should be pulled out to put in your story?

1 comment:

  1. My Sunday School kids laughed at my stick figures! Maybe I should write about an art-challenged character.

    Susan :)